Developing Enterprise and Automation Solutions for Small and Medium-sized Business

Internet Marketing Strategies’ main offices are located in Orlando, Florida. We have more than 15 years of experience managing our clients’ online presence, designing global digital marketing campaigns, and streamlining workflow through the introduction of custom software packages. Though diversified on a firm basis, dedicated departments specialize in corporate web design, mobile application development, email-based marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and database solutions. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to recruit and retain the best. We put the best to work for you.

A Little About Us

Unlike many companies that have been in the industry as long as we have (15 years), we refuse to stagnate. We subscribe to the kaizen ideology. We're constantly working to achieve incremental improvement. As the times change, we change. Our specialties include the design and creation of streamlined content management systems, which have every feature that you need and none of the excess characteristic of traditional solutions. Whereas most development and design firms see client engagements as one and done interactions, we maintain our relationships with our clients and strive to constantly improve their respective projects.

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Our Skills

Our social media specialists will help you to ideate and create an online presence and voice unique to your firm. Our web development team will ensure that your content displays on all internet access devices and stays in line with modern standards, through the implementation of responsive mobile-friendly design. On staff experts in HTML 5, ASP, PHP, SQL, C++, C#, Actionscript, and Javascript can ensure that your end product meets current compatibility requirements and is future proof.

Our Process

Our proven process has helped numerous companies, brand new and years old, succeed online.

1. Business Apprasial

Analyze your current business and the software utilized.

2. Solution Design

Design a bespoke solution to address your particular needs.

3. Preliminary Review

Review the proposed solution with you.

4. Necessary Adjustment

Revise the solution to accommodate any additional features requested.

5. Product Creation

Begin building & testing your software.

6. Prompt Delivery

Deliver the commercial-grade software on time or early.